Designing your thinking for change as a leader

Designing your thinking for change as a leader

Humans.  They are fascinating creatures.
And humans in teams and organizations?  Even more fascinating.
Humans in teams during disruption and change?  Now we have some complexity, tension, and possible volatility.

Recently my co-host Rozzyn Boy, our producer Gareth Hosking and I sat down to discuss observations from our first two seasons of our Change Cultivators podcast.


Key Headlines and References (with timestamp) from Rozz & Patrick’s Discussion (‘nuggets’)

[00:00:00] Greetings and welcome back to the Change Cultivators podcast, where we get to explore with great change leaders around the globe, the tips and tricks, and hacks that make leaders better activators of change.
[00:00:38] Recap of season 1
[00:01:01] Recap of season 2: How a company’s culture is at the heart of everything they do in terms of navigating change and approaching change as a business. It’s about the person you choose to be, how you choose to react to, and harness change.
[00:01:45] We are going through such unprecedented times of change right now, with fast shifts in the way we do business. Add to that – the pandemic – it really has forced everyone to take a long, hard look at ourselves and how we respond to change.
[00:02:14] The role peer guidance and conversation is now playing in our attitude to, and the handling of change.
[00:03:14] Rozz asks Patrick what his best moments and learnings were from season 1 and season 2. Some key takeouts:

  • It’s not always about connecting the dots. It’s about making sense of the open spaces between the dots
  • Leaders have to focus on developing certain leadership qualities, not just skills
  • Leadership style flexing in times of change
  • The need to focus on, and work with, people’s emotion to change 

[00:06:23] Rozz talks about her best moments and learnings from seasons 1 and 2. Some key takeouts:

  • How change starts with the individual 
  • How emotion is energy and negative energy is often what signals our growth. It’s about what we do with it and how we choose to harness it
  • The need to be intentional about yourself and how you are going to embrace and work with change 
  • Change starts at the top in an organization. A positive attitude to change has to be part of the company’s culture and it has to be owned by 100% of the business – i.e. not just the innovation and marketing departments – but all departments 
  • The impact technology is having on our attitude to, and navigation of change 

[00:09:24] Insight from our Change Cultivator’s Producer – Gareth Hosking – on his view of the first two seasons. Some key takeouts: 

  • Fulfilling that one promise we have of helping people activate and navigate change
  • The diversity of our guests across the two seasons being a radical thing to learn from. 
  • The thread of the human algorithm. How we think in our own brains.
  • How we are all born creative and our future inherent qualities that are going to come through as creativity, intuition, curiosity, and imagination. And how much of this is actually trained out of us over time.

[00:14:58] Our new Change Cultivator’s mini-series with both Patrick and Rozz that we are launching in season 3
[00:15:32] Looking ahead at season 3 which has a great lineup of senior speakers and also a slightly different format and flavor so we can mix it up a bit.
[00:16:18] Season 3 will dig a little bit deeper into the topic of how to design your thinking – getting your thinking right, designing your thinking for change, and getting your team’s thinking into the right place.
[00:17:08] Season 3’s going to be very much about intentionality. About how leaders and people need to be intentional about everything they do in business because you are the master of your own destiny. You wake up and you decide how you’re going to approach the world around you.
[00:18:47] A sampler of the great lineup in season 3 – all speaking across the theme of needing to be intentional about approaching change.
[00:18:55] Where you can hear about updates and future guests.
[00:19:47] You may be somebody who doesn’t think change is part of what you need to do in your job, but maybe this year, you need to commit to acknowledging that that’s it. That’s why we’re here. Look at Change Cultivators as part of the community that is here to help you. Subscribe to Change Cultivators on your favorite platform.

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