Watch out world – we are on the brink of something BIG here

The world is now hungry for more. More human connection, more sustainable travel, smarter use of their time and better work-life-integration.

What do most entrepreneurs have in common? For starters… A hunger for the new. They think ahead of everyone else, they have higher energy levels than most and they have almost all failed as many times as they have succeeded.

I always learn my best lessons from leaders I speak to that are willing to be humble, honest and openly share their true journey. We recently had Vinod Kumar on the Change Cultivators Show (Global CEO of Vodafone Business) – who is firmly one of those people. 

More recently, with the launch of my new Mini-Series, I got to chat to Neil Patel (listen here) – entrepreneur and CEO of the soon to be launching – Kabuni (mixed reality immersive platform). Both Vinod and Neil share very real accounts of their leadership journeys and the lessons of what has made them successful in activating and navigating the winds of change. 

With his new brand launch (Kabuni) looming in Q4 of 2021 – Neil shares how the world is rapidly shifting from 2D to 3D and how the mixed reality immersive metaverse is going to, yet again (like the Internet), change the world forever. We are back in 1995:

1991: The Internet quietly launched to the world with few knowing about its existence
1993: It was announced that the Internet would be free for the world to use and develop in
1995: The internet explodes with 16 Million global users 

I often hear people say, ‘VR mass adoption is still five years away’, but if you talk to the likes of Kabuni – the hockey stick growth is hugely underestimated. The growth that we saw with the 1991 launch – 1995 uptake of the Internet, is going to be significantly shortened in terms of a follow on-trend, A) because the world is already tech-savvy, and B) the global pandemic has ushered in mass behavioral changes and openness to new technologies. 

The world is now hungry for more. More human connection, more sustainable travel, smarter use of their time and better work-life-integration. Watch out world – we are on the brink of something big here. The economists predict it, the analysts and management consultants predict it, and many of us, just know it in our bones. 

So how do you manage your teams through such significant change?  Change of mindset, comfort zones and the willingness to step boldly into the unknown? According to Neil, leaders need to:

  • Stay true to their ‘why’ as a brand and focus themselves and their teams on how that builds brand purpose
  • Over-communicate to your teams through change and fast-paced growth and be crystal clear on who you are as a leader, why you are building the teams you are building, and then, empowering your teams who believe in the vision
  • Continuously develop yourself, learn, listen, and understand who you are and then grow from that, and lead from that place
  • Make sure people stay in their ‘flow’
  • Being intentional about shaping your own and your team’s thinking towards change
  • Look at whether the culture in an organization is empowering everyone to think about a better way of doing things. And ask – does it matter what role you’re in? Every human being has a chance to leave a legacy
  • Be present to the fact that change doesn’t always have to be moonshots, but your ‘why’ has to be crystal clear to why everybody is investing energy and effort into a goal

Neil shares his vision of, ‘Unlocking The Design Potential In Every Human Being’ (listen here) and how staying razor-sharp to your ‘why’ as a business is what makes companies successful and agile enough to move through the constant change we are living in. And, why category-creating companies succeed.

Listen to the full conversation here with Neil Patel – ‘Unlocking The Design Potential In Every Human Being’ 

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