5 Ways 40 under 40’s are Leading Change Differently

Unless you’ve been buried under a rock for the last 20+ years, you will be fully aware that Millennials, Gen Xers and Baby Boomers are profoundly different – from the music they listen to and the way they dress, to the way in which they view the world and opinions on how people should behave. 

With Millennials being the largest generation in today’s workforce, it is clear to see a shift in how Millennials have challenged the traditional leadership styles by having different values and expectations from their predecessors. 

With the launch of our 40 Under 40 Global Change Leaders podcast series with host Patrick Fitzmaurice, Change Cultivators is eager to understand exactly how Millennials have been leading change differently in today’s fast paced and ever changing business environment. In this blog we highlight five ways in which under 40 change leaders are making an impact today.


5 Ways under 40 change leaders are making an impact today.


  1. Challenge Policies

Generally speaking, Millennials don’t have an issue accepting and complying with policies, as long as they are deemed to be beneficial, not only to the organization but also the employees. They are known to question what they hear and they aren’t afraid to make changes. In short, they are disruptors. They are more willing than their counterparts to explore policies, begin making changes and express their dissatisfaction if they feel the ‘old fashioned’ way no longer adds value.


  1. Promote Diversity

Millennial leaders learn from the most successful companies around the globe and, as a result, recognise that a diverse workforce can bring innovative ideas and a fresh perspective to a business. They’ve developed innovative approaches for recruitment and retention and investigate the potential opportunity of a candidate as well as their skill level. Recognising that taking an inclusive approach and hiring regardless of gender, sexuality, ethnicity or religion can only enhance and develop the growth of a company, is one the most positive and influential changes we’ve seen to date.


  1. Seek Work-life Balance

Millennials place high value on a nurturing mindset, self care and spending time with loved ones. They want to live what they view as a rich and meaningful life. This is reflected in the workplace for Millennial leaders, who understand that work-life balance is not an employee ‘commitment’ issue but a leadership one. They understand the value in offering flexible working arrangements because they see that their workforce feel appreciated and are more productive and happier in their jobs as a result.


  1. Model a Teamwork Approach

One of the most significant standards Millennials hold is their desire to build relationships,preferring a team-based approach over an authoritative one. Leaders will seek the opinions of their team members before making any major decisions. Because millennials work best when they feel as though they have been invested in, it’s only logical that they embrace empowerment when they enter leadership positions. To millennials, it doesn’t make sense that only the thoughts and experiences of those in management should be the only voices heard during the decision making processes. 


  1. Waving goodbye to Micromanaging  

Our Millennial leaders try to encourage and inspire their teams, through innovation and formulating a new vision for change within the company, in order to focus on future success. Therefore, creating a sense of autonomy among workers. This eliminates the need for leaders to micromanage their teams and highlights that the relationship is mutually beneficial to the company and the employees. 

No matter what generation you are, it’s clear to see that Millennial change leaders are making BIG CHANGES in the workplace. With greater emphasis on bonding and empowering their teams, Millennials are able to focus on building a more fun and productive atmosphere. Who wouldn’t want to work in an environment like that?

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