Feeling Overwhelmed and Uncertain About Driving Change?

Feeling Overwhelmed and Uncertain About Driving Change? Get Inspired by Our Change Cultivators 40 Under 40 Global Change Leaders Podcast – Jarvis Sam

Feeling overwhelmed and uncertain of how to drive the change you know your leadership is capable of? Take heart, it isn’t easy! It takes hard work, focus, dedication and more. But with a little help from our inspiring guest speakers on our Change Cultivators 40 Under 40 Global Change Leaders podcast series, available on Spotify, you will find yourself energized and empowered to make positive impacts.

Streamline your journey towards creating true lasting change through our podcast featuring some of the most successful leaders sharing their journeys on impactful progress. Hear them explain their strategies for success as they relate directly to real-world applications applicable for all types of businesses across industries. Learn what works best in times both good and bad – be inspired by living legends who have made great strides of transformation by keeping their values close at hand with each step taken forward.

This week, we had the amazing Jarvis Sam, Founder/CEO of The Rainbow Disruption and an adjunct professor at Brown University. In his episode, Jarvis shares his insights on managing across lines of difference and cultivating a growth mindset. His wisdom and experience are truly inspiring, and his recent recognition on Forbes’ 30 Under 30 in Sports class of 2021 and Portland Business Journal’s 40 Under 40 are a testament to his impact and success. Whether you’re a young leader looking to learn from the best or just looking for some inspiration to help you overcome obstacles and reach your goals, Jarvis’ episode is a must-listen.

It’s been an exciting journey to have Jarvis join us on our Change Cultivators 40 Under 40 Global Change Leaders podcast series. His perspectives and insights are truly inspiring. Do yourself a favor and take the time to listen to Jarvis’ story, it is sure to get you motivated and ready for what lies ahead. 

Tune into the podcast today on Spotify – you won’t regret it!  Don’t wait any longer, these insights won’t be available forever! Changing the world starts with making small changes in your own life. Invest some of that precious time into listening to this week’s featured guest today and you’re one step closer to making a world-wide difference! 

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